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Luminous Lip Lacquer

Luminous Lip Lacquer

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Introducing BX Luminous Lip Lacquers, your go-to solution for plump, luscious lips with a touch of sheer elegance. Our lip lacquers are specially formulated to enhance the appearance of your lips, giving them a fuller look while providing long-lasting shine.


Crafted for those who adore a cute yet modest aesthetic, our lip lacquers come in two sheer shades that add just the right amount of color and shine to complement your natural beauty. BX11 is our Pretty Pink shade and BX22 Purple Plum shade.Whether you're going for a subtle everyday look or a charming evening ensemble, BX Luminous Lip Lacquers have got you covered.


What sets our lip lacquers apart is their unique formulation. Infused with natural almond oil, they not only provide a glossy finish but also nourish your lips, keeping them soft and supple. Plus, our vegetable glycerin-based formula ensures a smooth application that lasts throughout the day.


With BX Luminous Lip Lacquers, your lips will be irresistibly kissable, inviting admiration wherever you go. Elevate your lip game with our luxurious lacquers and embrace the beauty of naturally radiant lips.

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