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Trauma Informed Caregivers Rock!

Updated: Jun 15

Becoming trauma informed is one of the best ways you as a caregiver can ensure you are delivering quality care to your loved ones or clients. There are many individuals, children, and families that have been through unspeakable things in their lives that some of us couldn't even imagine and the positive change they experience often begins with us. Which means we as caregivers, must find a way to understand that their responses to what we deem as socially normal events may not look so normal to us. This is because individuals from hard places become somewhat stuck in certain mindsets where they could freeze up, become frightened, flee, or fawn (people pleasing behaviors as a form of avoidance). Behavioral Xpressions​ challenges you to become informed of any traumatic events your loved ones or clients may have experienced. Doing our part to become trauma informed can help us cultivate the positively productive progress we all hope for.



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