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Our Mission
Empowering  Individuals & Families through holistic behavioral approaches

Founded by a  Behavior Therapist turned Mompreneur. Our CEO, Vanessa Little's passion for seeing change in society was ignited while receiving her B.S. in psychology degree from Florida A&M University. She later became a  certified Behavior Therapist, a Certified ESE K-12 educator,  and a  Certified Life Coach from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.  Behavioral Xpressions is the driving force she created to empower & equip her community with the confidence and tools to obtain the life they have envisioned by any means necessary. We firmly believe that change is inevitable so ensuring those changes are positive is the best recipe for success!    

Here To Help

Behavioral Xpressions team members deliver professional and compassionate care to our clients in the comfort of their homes, school/corporate settings, and communities. We are proud to provide a range of supportive services to meet our client's unique needs while on their journey of stopping unwanted behaviors and cultivating positive relationships.   


We are a community-based outreach company here to help you gain the knowledge and abilities to identify, manage, and change unwanted behaviors to achieve the highest quality of life. We have a theory that given the right tools, anyone can reach their goals! 

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